She believes in respect of intrinsic human dignity and value. Along with her career, One day She was thinking about the life that everyone has right now. What She has to offer herself, This thinking turned to a social worker. She has a trauma-informed approach to holistic, compassionate treatment and understands how unique personal histories affect motivation in the process of change. Many of her students, teachers, and society have expressed an appreciation for her ability to make them feel welcome, heard, acknowledged, and above all respected as human beings.

She takes care of mental health problems along with people with a broad range of issues, including psychological, financial, health, relationship, women empowerment, and Child labor problems. Also, she takes care of the Road Safety & Environment related issue. Anyone have some issue or need help please email us on the given email I’d in contacts.

  • Utilize Positive Regard and Motivational Interviewing skills to build collaborative relationships
  • Provide information, tools, feedback, and support to aid the student, society, women, and children in finding what works for them.
  • Give equality respect of human dignity and value to them.
  • Reinforce the student’s identification with the purpose, values, and ethics of the profession of social work

Always Remember- “I am only one, but I am one. I cannot do everything, but I can do something for you.” Aradhana Kumari